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I peered into the water yesterday and marveled at the ridged, curly edges of the unfurling leaves of the lily.

Early in July I received by mail four lily plants that arrived looking like this.

Two months later, and they are thriving.

In the midst of so much to do this summer, why on earth would I have wanted to start something new? On top which was the argument that I didn’t have a pond in which to plant a lily! When I discovered that all I needed was a small container to experiment with lily-growing, I went for it. An old galvanized tub and two ceramic pots, one of which is lined with black plastic, became my miniature ponds. These are simply rough drafts of bigger and better things to come!

This summer, as I’ve continued to work on my project—I’m converting a used, portable classroom into a home for myself on ten acres of land I bought in March of this year—I’ve enjoyed watching the lily plants grow, even though they’ve given me no blooms. But, a rough draft is a rough draft, just a shimmering outline of a dream being born. One day I will have lilies and blooms galore on a small pond or two on this Pixie Plantation. (See my most recent, previous posts if you care to read background.)

For now, my tiny ponds sit within the oval shape I’ve created with stones as an outline for a small pond to come.

To the right of this pond-to-be is the birdbath that I “planted” in the ground even before my schoolhouse was delivered. So, I am experimenting with shapes and lines of paths around the birdbath. What do you think?           

This summer I’ve patched holes in the walls of my house-to-be and applied three coats of primer paint on the interior walls. Nothing’s been done, yet, with the exterior, which still looks like the mildewed wallflower of a structure that it was when I first saw it in the spring. In front of the building is an old, tattered canopy—a temporary device—that gives me a little shade when I take a break, prop my feet on the table, and sip on a drink.

I’ve mowed down the weeds with my old push mower (no money yet for a riding mower) in the area closest to the building, and sweated through this record-setting hot Florida summer. Keeping me company in my toils is this lizard, or one of his or her clan.

They like to lounge on the concrete blocks that are currently serving as my steps (another rough draft) into the building. One day, a small deck will be there to welcome my guests—human and reptile!

Each day my rough drafts become more refined and my vision becomes clearer. Despite my impatience and frets over financial issues (Did that contractor really say that a bathroom will cost $10,000?), I know that, like those lily leaves, this dream of mine will unfurl, one tiny curl at a time.

Thanks for dreaming with me.

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