I am 63, still looking to bloom, not that there hasn’t been plenty of blooming already in my life. But there is a yearning, a madness, compelling me onward, or, more appropriately, outward, a bud pulled by the sun, a chickie, wobbly and nude, pecking at her shell, knowing she must come into the light.

Having nurtured the talents and creative energies of my daughters and my clients and others in my life, I discovered, some years ago, that I had not adequately done so for myself. On a few occasions I uttered to a trusted friend that I had the soul of the artist, but not the skill or the talent. Then, one day I actually listened to my own words.

A woman keeping her soul at arm’s length must be forlorn, prickly with judgment toward others, righteous in her neat and prim life, or…a madwoman.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and therapist I have wondered how much of what we call mental illness, or, even, physical ailments, might be attributed, at least, in part, to the contained and confined creative spirit. As a feminist, I wonder to what degree the high incidence of depression in women might be attributed to some of the social, psychological, and spiritual shackles insidiously, invisibly placed upon girls and women and all their wondrously creative capabilities by the patriarchal system within which we were birthed.

I am interested in hearing the stories of others who are struggling or who have struggled–against whatever real or imagined oppressor, internal or external in nature–to allow their creative juices to pour forth. You may be 20 or 40, 60 or 80. What propels you to create? What are your forms of expression?

How do I creatively express myself? Writing. Art. Carpentry. Gardening. And, recently, music. I am learning to play the guitar!

And, I dance. I move. Some times with a howl or a growl. Sometimes with the movements of an imagined beast, or the grace (I can only imagine) of a ballerina. I am not trained in dancing. It is simply one of the things I do to allow the madwoman to be here, now.

I am also writing on two other blog sites: wrinkledintime.wordpress.com. and dancetheriver.wordpress.com and invite you to see those.

In addition, I encourage you to check out elderwomenmusings.com, where my work appears with that of three other women. Please do check this one out!